JUST BE YOU - for your family & wellbeing

"How are you?"............."Busy"

Increasingly this is people's response to a simple wellbeing question - and one people seem proud of because if you're busy, you must be productive & achieving lots - right?

Time poverty is a huge issue in modern lives, unintentionally making us too busy to put our families and even our health first.  Busy being Busy.  What if there is another way?

I have solutions to help you find the time to Just Be You.  Time to train for a milestone race, maybe a first 5k or even an Ultra Marathon.  Time to get to a gym class or out on your bike to start building fitness and confidence.  Time to be with your children to share experiences, to take them to the beach, up a hill or to build dens.  Time to just be in the moment.


I can show you how to supplement your income by retailing high quality health & wellbeing products or how to build a business to drive a full time income on part time hours. I have helped clients to replace regular "Busy Jobs" or support new ventures built on their linked wellbeing passions such as Yoga, Pilates or Mindfulness.  Build a life you love.


Along with coaching & accountability tools, I can help you plan your business with techniques such as Business Model Canvas and provide Website Design / Social Media support